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    Hi everyone,

    It's me, the guy who still lives in IV (going on year 9 now). We need to talk. Isla Vista needs $27 from you. It's not for me, I already won my re-election to the SBCC Board of Trustees, this is for IV. 

    As we all know, UCSB & IV have the highest student voter turnout in the entire United States. That's a very special part of our community and it gives the students there unprecedented power to influence elected officials.

    However, this doesn't just happen out of thin air. It takes organizers on the ground working 15 hour days for weeks on end to build that kind of movement. Because let's face it, there's a lot going on for you as a college student, so it helps to learn about the issues, register to vote the first time, and know how the election works when an actual person comes to your door. 

    We usually have 3-5 organizers working in IV every year, including midterms. This year there's only one, hired by Salud Carbajal for U.S. Congress. No other elected official or candidate is hiring someone to work in IV this year. It is impossible for one person to do this job. 

    Click here to donate $27 now to support the student voice in Isla Vista and UCSB.

    That's why I'm stepping up to use my campaign to support something we all cherish, the power of the student vote. I already won my election, so nothing about this is about me. I am, however, the IV elected official with the most connections to people who either lived here, love this place, or are generally supportive of IV. I'm uniquely poised to raise the money needed and handle the administrative work to hire someone to work in the community to register students to vote, educate them, empower volunteers, and get out the vote. 

    I've been a part of so many major voter registration efforts in the past, from 2012's record breaking 11,000 voters to 2016 smashing that at 13,000 in November; not counting 7,000 in the 2016 primary during spring finals week. I've seen first hand what's possible when we have multiple strong organizers on the ground. 

    All we need to do is raise another $3,000 by Sept 22nd to make this a reality. There are 1,000 people on this email list. Only 111 people need to give $27 to raise enough for this position. I've been hitting the phones non-stop for weeks and we're so close. If you can give $100, that gets us even closer to our goal and faster. Anything helps. 


    Take action today. Go to and make your contribution to help support the student voice in Isla Vista. $27 isn't a whole lot now after college, but it will go a very long way to supporting the community we all love from the bottom of our hearts.


    Love from Isla Vista,

    Jonathan Abboud


    Checks can be made payable to "Jonathan Abboud for SBCC Trustee 2018" and sent to 226 E Canon Perdido Suite D Santa Barbara, CA 93101