Jonathan Abboud Announces Campaign for Re-Election to SBCC Board of Trustees

I am running for re-election to the Santa Barbara City College Board of Trustees this November and will stay living in Isla Vista.

I am running to make sure marginalized voices have a real seat at the table of power. These past four years we have worked to address gender neutral restrooms, protection for undocumented students, homeless student resources and student housing, textbook affordability, faculty diversity, student voter registration, and support for students living in Isla Vista - these are real issues before the Board of Trustees. I have worked towards making these priorities a reality in the last four years and I am running again to ensure we continue to properly and justly address them

After a successful and educational 4 years on the Board, I am prepared to leverage my experience, knowledge, and community connections to make sure SBCC continues to be the strong engine of social justice and mobility we know it can be. I want to focus on: 

1. Becoming Tuition-Free for ALL in-district residents.

 2. Addressing affordable housing and our local impact by building new student & workforce housing near SBCC.

3. Ensuring our employees are being paid wages sufficient to live in the District and have quality facilities to work in.

4. Working closely with K-12 & UCSB to give these students the greatest educational opportunities to graduate and prosper.

5. Providing a comprehensive selection of quality classes and student services necessary for the future economy and doing everything possible to put students on a path of success.

6. Connecting with, adapting to, and empowering the ENTIRE community it serves by being the "People's College"

7. Managing our finances wisely and being as creative as possible so that we can do all of the above!

I'm excited to continue the conversation with everyone, because we know these aren't all the issues and there are so many ideas out there we haven't heard yet. 

I would be honored to continue representing the voices of communities I am a part of, and empowering those I'm not a member of, on the Board of Trustees for Santa Barbara City College. - visit to put your name down as a supporter of our campaign

#ImAllAbboudit #Abboud2018